Be an Ajay’s Franchisee …

Why be an Ajay’s Franchisee?

If you have the Passion to serve food, spirit of an entrepreneur, the zeal for growth, commitment for building a successful business and the ability to accept new challenges, then you are at the right place. Ajay’s Takeaway Food offers franchise for its Quick Service Restaurant Chain.
In a very short span of time from the opening of its first restaurant, Ajay’s became South Gujarat’s hottest favourite food destination. Ajay’s Restaurants are nonpareil in terms of its value and taste.


  • Opportunity to become a part of a fast growing, profitable and time tested business.
  • Minimal and Calculated Business risks.
  • Advantage of the Ajay’s goodwill in current markets.
  • Availability of readymade technology and operating system thereby saving on the need to develop one's own technology, systems and procedures.
  • Training in Business Operations as well as of Manpower. Continuous on job training support.
  • Research and development support of our organization.
  • Be an EMPLOYMENT creator.
  • Complete Business Consulting by the “Ajay’s Restaurant Consulting” Team.
  • Assistance in site selection and feasibility study.
  • Restaurant and kitchen layout support.
  • Interior Designing Support
  • Vendor support during project stage.
  • Unique installer team placed at the outlet at the time of opening to minimize initial operational issues.
  • Operating procedures and guidelines on how to handle the business efficiently.
  • Identity & Brand design.
  • Complete Financial Management Support
  • Fortnightly and Monthly check up on Raw Material Costing and Accounts Auditing
  • Publicity, Social Media support and initial market presence advertisement.
  • Assistance by dedicated team to each franchisee to ensure quality, operational and cost related support and waste management when needed.
  • Periodic visit by our qualified and highly experienced experts to upgrade/ maintain/ improve business standards.

The way ahead

mcdonalds owner
Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonalds says “To be successful, we need common sense, dedication to principles and a love of hard work. The harder you work and the more pride of accomplishment you feel, the luckier you get. Luck is a dividend of sweat”.
"સફળ થવા માટે જરૂરી છે, વ્યવહારિક જ્ઞાન, સિદ્ધાંતો માટે સમર્પણ અને મહેનત માટે નું પ્રેમ. જેટલું કઠણ કામ તમે કરો અને એની સિદ્ધિ નો ગૌરવ જ્યારે તમને થાય છે, એટલા તમે ભાગ્યશાળી બનો. નસીબ આ પરસેવાનું લાભાંશ છે"

- રે ક્રૉક, મેકડોનાલ્ડ્સના સ્થાપક

And we believe that Sky is the Limit… so keep doing the good work.

Near Future Expansion Plans

We at Ajay’s believe that business can be done in any place in this world. However, we have our expansions plans in place and we would adhere to our mission to achieve our goals.
Phase 1 – South Gujarat (Prominent locations in Districts of Navsari, Surat, Valsad, Tapi and Bharuch)
Expansion based on Ajay’s Franchisee model.
Later phases are under strategic consideration and shall be revealed accordingly.