Fast Food Restaurant in Dholapipla, Navsari


Navsari district, located on the eastern side of the Arabian sea, is one of the most pleasant and historical districts of Gujarat state. Navsari is an incredible spot for exploring the local area's social roots and legacy. Navsari is also known as the Sanskari Nagari, the city of Good Sacraments. A stroll through a portion of the city's old areas gives you a look into local people's way of life. Talking about gujarati food, it is particularly different and rich. While numerous standard dishes like Dhokla, Fafda, Khakra, and jalebi are popular around the world, a lot more secret jewels brighten the Gujarati platter. From south Indian to Bombay Pav bhaji, you can have anything you want to eat at different fast-food restaurants in Dholapipla, Navsari. Dholapipla is on the National Highway 48, NH48 which was earlier also known as NH8, Mumbai-Delhi National Highway, Part of the Golden Quadrilateral. Ajay’s Dholapipla is very strategically located at a natural halting location. Just next to the Ajay’s Compound is the Hare Krishna Petrol Station where one can not only fuel up for Petrol and Diesel but also for CNG.

Ajay’s is a must try fast food restaurants in Dholapipla, Navsari.

Ajay’s Takeaway Fast Food Restaurant at Dholapipla, Navsari

Ajay’s Fast Food Ajay's is a fast-growing Quick Service Fast Food Restaurant in Gujarat, India. Ajay’s Fast Food Restaurants are common man’s good food alternative. Ajay’s has a vision of serving Tasty, Hygienic Good Food to the common man of the country at the most affordable prices.

They Serve good quality food, affordable and accessible to all. The highlights of their menu are varieties of Burgers, Pizzas and the best Cold coffee.

In Navsari, there are a total 5 outlets of Ajay’s. Ajay’s Dholapipla is located at Shop No.2, Near Hare Krishna Petrol Pump, Dholapipla, NH48, Amadpore, Navsari, where they serve Serve Delicious Pizza, Burgers, and Mouth-Watering Cold Coffee.

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