Fast Food Restaurant in Sachin, Surat


Surat is one of the cleanest city of India and is additionally known by a few different names like "THE SILK CITY", "THE DIAMOND CITY", "THE GREEN CITY", and so on. It has the liveliest present and a similarly differed legacy of the past. Surat is notable for its diner, particularly street food and Fast Food. As famously quoted “Surat nu Jaman ane Kashi nu Maran” – This city is a foodie’s paradise! Surat is known for its Surati cooking, which includes enduring top choices, for example, "Ghari" (a kind of sweet), Locho, Undhiyu, and Rasaawala Khaman. Dissimilar to cooking styles in different parts of Gujarat, Surti food is quite spicy, tangy and tasty.

Sachin is the southernmost town of Surat region. The town had a great area because of which numerous enterprises were set up by GIDC. The Sachin Industrial Area is Asia's second biggest modern settlement in terms of region.The must visit fast food restaurant in Sachin is Ajay’s Takeaway Fast Food Restaurant.

Ajay’s Fast Food Ajay's is a fast-growing Quick Service Fast Food Restaurant in Gujarat, India. Its hosts the Special Economic Zones in Surat and is one of the biggest industrial hubs in South Gujarat. The Sachin Notified area is a host of many MNC manufacturing facilities, ranging from textile to chemicals to solar panel manufacturing. Ajay’s Fast Food Restaurants are a common man’s good food alternative. Ajay’s has a vision of serving Tasty, Hygienic Good Food to the common man of the country at the most affordable prices.

They Serve good quality food, affordable and accessible to all. The highlights of their menu are varieties of Burgers, Pizzas and the best Cold coffee.

In Surat, there are a total 18 outlets of Ajay’s. Ajay’s Sachin is located at Shop No. 04, Shree Darshan Complex, Station Road, Sachin, Surat, Gujarat 394230, where they serve Delicious Pizza, Burgers, and Mouth-Watering Cold Coffee.

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