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Why be an Ajay’s Franchisee?

If you have the Passion to serve food, spirit of an entrepreneur, the zeal for growth, commitment for building a successful business and the ability to accept new challenges, then Ajay’s is the right place for you.
In a very short span of time, Ajay’s has became South Gujarat’s most favourite food destination, and we do not say so, our customers say so. Ajay’s Quick Service Restaurants are nonpareil in terms of its value and taste of its Products Served.

Ajay’s Franchise Model is one of the Most Simples and Most Economical Model in the Food Franchisee World. Some of the Salient Features of the Franchisee Model are,
  • No Deposits or Franchisee Fees
  • No Royalty on Sales
  • Model Type - Quick Service Restaurant
  • Approx. Area Required - 150 - 200 Sq.ft only
  • Total Investment - Rs.7 Lakhs Only
  • Complete Outlet Setup done by Our Team
  • Fastest Return on Your Investment
  • Unique Taste and Unique Value for Customers.
  • Shortest time from Finalisation to Grand Opening.

So why wait …

Apply Now For An Ajay’s Franchise.


Timeline for opening an Ajay’s Franchisee

  • Opportunity to become a part of a fast growing, profitable and time-tested business.
  • Minimal and Calculated Business risks.
  • Advantage of the Ajay’s goodwill in domestic markets.
  • Availability of readymade technology and operating system thereby saving on the need to develop one's own technology, systems and procedures.
  • Training in conduct of business as well as of manpower and continuous training support.
  • Research and development support of our organization.
  • Reduced cost of business due to economy of scales.
  • Be an EMPLOYMENT creator.

  • Assistance in site selection and feasibility study.
  • Operating procedures and guidelines on how to handle the business efficiently.
  • Staff and Owner Training by Ajay’s (Operation, Finance and Customer Relationship)
  • Identity & Brand design.
  • Publicity and initial market presence advertisement.
  • Assistance by dedicated team to each franchisee to ensure quality, operational and cost related support when needed.
  • Periodic visit by our qualified and highly experienced experts to upgrade/ maintain/ improve business standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Franchisee Fees?

    At Ajay’s, we do not charge any Franchisee Fees

  • What is the Royalty Amount?

    There shall be no Royalty amount to be paid to Ajay’s.

  • What all will be included in Rs.7 lakh?

    Namely 3 things, Infrastructure, Interior Designing/Branding and Kitchen Equipments. Basically, right from the Wall tiling to Music system, CCTV Camera to Stationery required in the outlet shall be provided as a one time act to the Franchisee. A complete list shall be provided when the Disclosure Document is signed during allocation of the Franchise. Only things excluded will be Plumbing, additional Electrical costs (heavy line of 15amp from meter to shop) and any other expenses as mutually agreed if any.

  • What is the Payback Period?

    Payback period of approx. 15 months. Profits and ROI shall be dependent on Sales at outlet and vary from outlet to outlet.

  • Shall deposit of shop be included?

    No, Deposits/Advance Rent shall not be included

  • Staff/Labour shall be provided by whom

    Staff shall be the responsibility of the Franchisee Owner. Training the staff shall be done by Ajay's for the first time during the opening of the new outlet. Ajay's can help with Labour contractors if required.

  • What about Training?

    Training is mandatory for the Owner and the staff appointed for working at the outlet. Training Period shall be 15 days. Training includes both On-site and Classroom Training (at Ajay’s Corporate Office).

  • Shall Training be paid?

    Training for the first time during Opening of the Outlet shall be free. However, any training post the opening shall be paid by the franchisee.

  • Will the company help in Location Selection?

    Location will be searched by the franchisee once the Disclosure Agreement is Signed. 2 -3 locations shall be made available for final selection. Final selection will be done by Ajay's Team. Area will be discussed and finalised for the outlet with help of Ajay's Business Development Team.

  • Franchisee Agreement will be valid for how many years?

    Franchisee agreement is due for renewal every year.

  • What will be the next step post paying 1st Instalment?

    The next step shall be finding the right shop as decided mutually by the Company and the Franchisee

  • When is the balance money for Franchisee to be Paid?

    Once the shop is finalised, the franchisee will have to pay the balance amount while handing over the keys of the outlet for the work to start. There shall be no part payments.

  • When is the franchise Agreement Signed?

    Initial agreement for Franchisee (Disclosure Document) shall be signed during payment of the First Instalment. Final Franchisee agreement shall be signed once the Opening date is finalised and all Legal and Statutory Documentation is complete.

  • How much time will it take to develop the Outlet?

    Standard time for developing an outlet is 20-25 days, however it may be situational based the actual conditions of the shop. Development time shall vary from outlet to outlet due to external factors.

  • Will the Raw Materials be door Delivered?

    Yes, franchisee will place purchase order (Indent) from the POS (Point of Sales) System and based on the Delivery Schedules stock will be supplied by the companies Authorised Associate. Payment for the Stock should be done by NEFT on the same day of delivery.

  • What kind of input will I have in marketing and advertising?

    The company shall be taking up the initial launch advertising. Eg: 20,000 Pamphlets, 2 Paper Advertisements, Social Media Paid Advertisement, Cycle Advertisement (based on availability) for 10 Days. This are part of the Opening Event of the New Franchisee Outlet. All later Marketing and Advertising support shall be by the company in totality for all outlets and not for any one specific outlet. For Local level marketing, company shall provide support in terms of creative designs, media selection etc. The specific expenses for the same shall be borne by the Franchisee.

  • What are the Legal documentations and other works to be done at the outlets?

    Legal documentations and Statutory Compliances and other requisites have to be done by the franchisee, the list is as below,

    1. Shop Act License (Gumasta)
    2. FSSAI License
    3. Bank Account of the Firm
    4. Internet Connection
    5. Rent Agreement
    6. GST/PAN
    7. Professional Tax

  • Who shall be doing the Legal Documentation?

    Legal documentation shall be the responsibility of the Franchisee Owner

  • What billing system shall the company provide?

    POS and Hardware and Software system shall be provided by the company. AMC for the software shall be levied post the First Year of operations. Please note POS needs INTERNET CONNECTION to operate, hence WiFi INTERNET CONNECTION is compulsory.

  • What shall be done during the Opening Event?

    Ajay's shall be taking care of the opening of the outlet. Example: Shop Decoration, promotions and Advertising. For more Details, we urge you to get in touch with our Business Development Team and get to know more about us. We believe that First You Trust in us, then you Invest in us.

For more Details, we urge you to get in touch with our Business Development Team and get to know more about us.

"We believe that First You Trust in us, then you Invest in us.